Jellycat 25th Anniversary and Heritage Collection showing Jellycat Jack and Junglie Monkey

The iconic brand, Jellycat of London has been with us would you believe, for 25 years! Bonkers loves Jellycats and we're celebrating this with the Jellycat 25th Anniversary & Heritage Collection.

Jellycat Junglie Monkey is back from retirement to celebrate with his new friends however he's a limited edition and is sure to be popular. Snap him up here: Shop Junglie Monkey

Talking of new friends, there's also some new cool cats on the block - namely, Jellycat Jack which you can get in different sizes and styles. You can find these cool cats here: Shop Jellycat Jack

You may have asked yourself how the name "Jellycat" came about? Well, back in 1999, when Jellycat the brand first made its appearance, the name was actually invented by a child who simply adored cats and jellies and always laughed at the thought of combining the two. So, because of this and coupled with the  imaginative and creative nature of the designs the name Jellycat was perfect and such a great reflection of their wonderful soft toys.

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